2014 (Doğan Kitap)

Genre: Science-Fiction, Horror and Twilight Zone stories

Description: A woman who can shape dreams with her own unique recipes. A teacher who suddenly finds himself in the movie he is watching. Maupassant fan script writer who is fighting with his inner demons. A caveman who tries to sing like birds. Aliens declare the meaning of life and the world goes mad! Aliens brought a present to the real rulers of the world at Christmas. An alien who needs a sperm to continue her breed at home light years away. An ordinary who finds out that he is actually an angel. A tale about why the lovers close their eyes while they are kissing each other. A boy who becomes a super hero after he lost his eye at the street riots and his cop father. A girl and her gang fighting Martians whom take over the world and closes the Sun with huge great space panels.

And much more…