2001 (Stüdyo İmge), 2011 (Doğan Kitap)

Genre: Horror, Youth

Description: In some views, The Ghost Book is a horror story set in a university. It’s also a love story that puts the unrequited love in its center, as well as a severe criticism against education. Beyond all of them, it’s a novel concerning the dreams of youth. It’s the story of Gökalp and Güldem who find themselves studying a field they don’t want to study. Güldem was dreaming of going to the conservatory and becoming a singer, instead, she had to study economics because her family forced her to do so. Gökalp is tarred with the same brush, he’s just a dreamer who only thinks about stories. The one thing they don’t share is love.

One day, Güldem wakes up and finds a letter from Gökalp. Güldem’s used to finding letters of Gökalp in her mailbox. These texts that Gökalp puts in an envelope are most generally romantic stories. Güldem is fond of Gökalp’s stories, she finds herself really wrapped up in them every time she reads them.But this time what came out of the envelope isn’t merely a love letter, it’s a suicide note! Gökalp has written a post-modern suicide note to Güldem, and then he put an end to his life by throwing himself down the Bosphorus Bridge.

One year later, just on the anniversary of Gökalp’s death, Güldem realizes that something is after her. And this is just the beginning of dreadful and sometimes funny events!

The Ghost Book has found itself amongst the cult books of the young generation. Later, it was adapted to cinema by the famous producer Sinan Çetin and the award-winning directors, Taylan Brothers. The movie, called “Okul”, was very successful at the box office and despite its low budget, was watched by almost 1 million viewers. The stories about The Ghost Book are far from over. In the beginning of the book, there’s a couple of lyrics from the American progressive metal band Dream Theater’s song, ‘Space Dye-Vest’. After a series of unbelievable coincidences, the composer of the song, Kevin Moore, has also done the composition of “Okul”s soundtrack. Kevin Moore has also released the soundtrack album through Inside Out Records in the USA by the English name of the book, “The Ghost Book”, not as “Okul”.