2000 (Çitlembik Yayınevi), 2001 (Stüdyo İmge Yayınevi)

Genre: Horror, Science-Fiction and Twilight Zone stories

Description: A boy struggling between reality and dreams. A deadly ill actor who is about to get on the stage and performs a miracle! Young boys who try to exorcise the demon in the parking lot’s barrier. An alien who declares the annoying secret of immortality to the world. 14 mad scientists who try to save the World on an ancient pirate ship. Dracula’s love letter to his late lover Elisabeth in the year 2000. A student who sold his soul to devil to pass the university exam. A boy who solves God’s message by drawing lines between the bright stars.  And much more…

Three of the stories (Dream Child, Love Letter to the Dead Lover and Dreamer) won the Genclik Kitabevi Awards in 1997. And the story The Annoying Secret of Immortality won the jury prize in Nostromo Science-Fiction Awards in 1998.