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2015 (Amazon e-book)

Genre: Urban Fantasy / Mystery Novel

Translator: Ayşe Lucie Batur

Description: Get ready for a roller coaster full of adventure, magic and anarchy! Nonexistents is a provocative urban fantasy fueled by pop culture, rock nostalgia and a striking sense of humor.

Turkish author Doğu Yücel takes the reader to the amazing city of Istanbul where a perfectly ordinary white collar finds himself in the middle of perfectly extraordinary events.

Threading a subtle criticism of the system, Nonexistents illustrates a perfect instance of urban fantasy literature and pushes the boundaries of magical realism. A wonderful blend of both genres, it will remind you of literary masterworks such as Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”, Palahniuk’s “Fight Club” as well as Alan Moore’s “V for Vendetta”. Nonexistents is not just a novel, it’s also a manifesto for dreamers all around the world.

The hero of this fast-paced adventure in Istanbul is a young financier with some family issues and an incomplete love story. One day he writes a story with an antique fountain pen that belonged to his deceased father. The next day, he comes across a news article wherein the same event appears to have occurred exactly as he had described in the story. While our protagonist investigates this mystery, he encounters a secret that can change the world.

Beautifully translated to English by Ayşe Lucie Batur, you will be amazed while reading Nonexistents, which has become an important cult novel in Turkey.


“Nonexistents, both a realist and a supernatural novel, is enriched with a strong political criticism that is rarely encountered in Turkish literature. There are many reasons for reading Nonexistents, but there seems no reason not to.” -Remzi Kitabevi

“With Nonexistents, Doğu Yücel shows that he belongs to the best authors of his generation. By pushing the limits of reality in his story, which to some may seem like fantasy, he actually tells us about the reality itself.” -NTVMSNBC

“You’ll read Nonexistents in a heartbeat. Just like a Stephen King masterpiece!” -Savas Oguz

“Nonexistents is the most powerful among the recently written books on the value of imagination.” -Cumhuriyet Kitap

Sample: Nonexistents – first 2 chapters